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Private Motor Insurance Report of the National Claims Information Database (NCID)

The Central Bank of Ireland has published the first annual NCID

The Central Bank of Ireland has published the first Annual National Claims Information Database (NCID).

The Report highlights the cyclical nature of the Insurance market, in particular the growth in insurance premiums relative to the cost of claims, and the growth in profitability of motor insurance underwriting since 2015.

The Central Bank data "strips away the insurance - industry mast to reveal (that) motor insurance premiums have risen by a massive 42%, even though, in the same period, claims fell by 2.5%. The Central Bank report reveal that the Industry is generating an operating profit of no less than 9%, while the average level of profit in Britain is 5%.

Neither claims costs nor legal fees could possible account for, or justify, the massive increases in the premiums motorists have been compelled to pay by extremely profitable insurance companies.

  • Cost of Claims per policy: Between 2009 & 2018, the average cost of claims per policy decreased by 2.5% from €437 in 2009 to €426 in 2018.  Between 2009 and 2013, claims' costs reduced by 14% to €426 in 2018
  • Premium per policy: between 2009 and 2018, the average premium per policy increased by 42%, from €498 in 2009 to €706 in 2018. Between 2009 and 2013, average premiums decreased by 13% to €435, followed by an increase of 62% to €906 in 2018.

We reiterate: why should injury victims have their awards reduced , only to further increase the already massive profits of insurers?

"While the Central Bank does not have a mandate to fix prices in the insurance sector, today's report will assist the Cost of Insurance Working Group, Government, Oireachtas and wider stakeholders in their consideration of the relevant issues.

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