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    Kelly Colfer Son & Poyntz has been offering legal services in the South East since 1872. It's owned and operated by Solicitor Declan Joyce. With a staff that has more than 60 years of combined experience, it's one of the most trusted legal firms in Wexford.

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    I had the force of circumstance recently to use the services of Kelly Colfer Son & Poyntz to ‘Draw up a Will’.
    On my initial contact with the offices of the above, I was met with a welcoming courtesy, which continued with an element of cordiality but remained totally professional.
    My dealings with Declan Joyce were straightforward, however, there were knowledgeable recommendations that he proffered which enabled the compilation of my Will to be compiled in a much more inclusive way.
    Because of the restrictions on the country at the time, a face-face meeting was out of the question but a face-time meeting on a social media App was to be employed.
    This “appointment” was arranged and duly carried out with all questions being answered proficiently, leaving me free to make the necessary adjustments to my Will. Once satisfied with the alterations; another competent, business-like face-time meeting was arranged to finally clarify and agree the details. All secretarial work was prompt and clear with correspondence being carried out via email.
    Given all the difficulties and restrictions caused by Covid-19. The final signing and witnessing of the Will document was done very professionally, in view of the problems caused by social distancing. At no point did I feel in any way Nosophobic.

    I would like to take this opportunity of commending Declan Joyce, of Kelly Colfer Son & Poyntz, for his professionalism and business-like manner throughout the process of drawing up my Will. His secretary also needs praise, in so far as she conveyed exceptional courtesy and showed great aptitude for her profession in her expeditious correspondence.


  • COVID-19

    Keeping you updated

    Kelly Colfer Solicitors Open (behind closed doors)


    ***Kelly Colfer Son & Poyntz Solicitors will be NOW OPEN (behind closed doors)***

    In line with the recent Government announcements, Legal activities are deemed as "essential work" in particular to support essential services and vulnerable people.

    For a full list of essential workers check out: https://bit.ly/2UNyf07

    For legal emergencies (out of hours, please contact 087 3910798, subject to restrictions)


    Declan Joyce

    Principal Solicitor

    Kelly Colfer Solicitors

    051 421212 | info@kellycolfer.ie

    #staysafe #stayathome



    Emergency Operational Guidelines


    In terms of the operation of my business the following guidelines apply: -

    They counter intuitive but it is important to protect my health, the health of my Staff and indeed the health of my Clients.


    • Some members of Staff are working from home.
    • The office is working behind closed doors.
    • Clients are encouraged NOT to attend the office.
    • Consultations can be had on the phone. Email exchanges can be used and correspondence exchanges can be used.
    • Where it is essential for Clients to attend in the office, all explanations have already occurred in relation to the documentation to be executed so that the meeting for execution can be short, sweet and to the point.
    • Meetings must not take longer than five minutes and at all times everyone involved keeps the recommended distance.
    • Clients should bring their own pens.
    • Children may NOT be brought to the office.
    • Hand washing and hand sanitizer facilities are available. Clients wear gloves if appropriate
    • Parking is available at the rear of the offices

    Opening Hours


    For your Safety and others, we are working behind closed doors.

    If you wish to gain entry, please use the door bell or telephone us on 051 421212.

    Together we will get through this successfully.

    Stay Safe

    Kelly Colfer Son & Poyntz Solicitors


    For local businesses opening hours during this time, check out


    Protecting the Economic Viability of your Business

    To enable to increase cash availability

    As business people we need to face this problems NOW.

    Preserving cashflow is VITAL.

    Below are some suggestions that may be of assistance to you.


    1. Prioritise safety and welfare in accordance with HSE and Government advice.

    2. Review borrowings, mortgage (if applicable), rent (if applicable), get a clear picture of your outgoings and if necessary, discuss these with your accountant.

    3. Review all outgoings to see if any savings can be achieved.

    4. Talk to your bank about suspending payment on borrowings.

    5. Talk to your bank about extending overdraft.

    6. Keep filing for all taxes on time.

    7. In so far as it is possible pay all taxes on time.

    8. Does billing needs to be brought up to date.

    10. Focus your immediate attention on those areas of your business that can generate income in the short term.


    I hope this will be of benefit to you.

    COVID-19 Announcement Update 

    Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has announced new stringent measures designed to curb the spread of Covid-19.

    Rundown of the new restrictions announced today.

    • All theatres, clubs, gyms, leisure centres, hairdressers, marts, markets casinos, bingo halls, betting shops, libraries and other similar places are to shut. 
    • All hotels and non-essential retail outlets will close - a list of those will be provided. 
    • All cafes and restaurants should limit to take away and deliveries only.
    • All sporting events are cancelled - including those behind closed doors. 
    • All playgrounds and holiday/caravan parks are to close.
    • All places of worship are to restrict numbers visiting. 
    • All household contacts of someone waiting for a test should restrict their movements.  
    • All non-essential visiting to other persons homes should be avoided. 
    • All scheduled cruise ships to Ireland will cease. 
    • Factories or construction sites should not have to shut - authorities can work with them to make sure physical distancing is possible.  
    • There will be an increased presence of park rangers and gardaí in parks and public places to ensure that physical distancing is being observed.
    • Significantly raise the amount of money available on cashless card transactions.
    • All organised indoor and outdoor events of any size are not to take place
    • Social distancing, in as far as practicable, is to be ensured between the clients/patients in confined settings, such as:
    • long term care facilities, either for the elderly or people with special needs;
    • psychiatric institutions;
    • homeless shelters
    • prisons 

    Minister for Health Simon Harris said the State would take control of private hospitals for the duration of the crisis and that patients with the virus will be treated for free with no distinction between public and private.


    Priority testing for health staff, including GPs, will be introduced.

    General health testing will be increased for those with symptoms.


    Covid-19 Policy


    As and from Wednesday 18th of March to Tuesday 31st of March, please note that Kelly Colfer Son & Poyntz's Policy with responsibility to Covid-19 will be as follows:


    ▪️All existing and new client appointments will be conducted by video conference call or by telephone appointment

    ▪️The only clients that will be coming physically into the office for an appointment are those who will need to sign a document

    ▪️Please note all social distancing will be in action for the signing of documents


    Stay Safe

    Measures to assist SME's

    Experiencing cash-flow difficulties arising from COVID-19

    Businesses, other than SMEs, who are experiencing temporary cash flow or trading difficulties should contact the Collector-General’s office on (01) 7383663.

    Alternatively, these businesses can engage directly with their branch contacts in Revenue’s Large Corporates Division or Medium Enterprises Division.


    Revenue will continue to closely monitor the evolving situation regarding COVID-19 and will issue further updated guidance for businesses when required and particularly in good time before the March/April VAT returns, and other future returns are due.


    For more info for SME's check out the following: http://bit.ly/38RE15W


    Support from Central Bank

    Support for economy, firms & households

    The Central Bank of Ireland announced this week a further measure in order to support the economy, firms and households through the economic shock arising from COVID-19.

    ▪️ Support for Bank Borrowers
    ▪️ Deferral to Stamp Duty
    ▪️ Non-Bank Lending
    ▪️ Central Bank Prudential Policies
    ▪️ BPFI actions to ensure operational continuity
    ▪️ Changes to assist Public health policy


    To read more check out https://bit.ly/2xWd18x

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    We provide practical, sensible and easy to understand legal advice to commercial and private clients.

    Our many legal services are designed to meet your needs.

     Kelly Colfer Solicitors - Legal Advice - Property


    Buying, Selling, Leasing or Developing Property ​

    Whether you are buying or selling, mortgaging, remortgaging, or are a business owner seeking assistance with a commercial lease, we can ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. We advise in relation to sales and purchases for homes, buildings, land and sites, mortgaging and remortgaging, family transfers and planning law.


    Quick Guide to Buying Property


    Quick Guide to Selling Property

    Kelly Colfer Solicitors - Legal Advice - Farming


    Farm/Land Transfer and Ownership ​

    We work with farmers, landowners and agricultural businesses advising on property and land law, disputes, and succession planning. We offer a comprehensive service in areas such as farm ownership, land transfer, grazing agreements, and forestry purchase or sale.

    Kelly Colfer Solicitors - Legal Advice; Small Businesses

    Small Business

    Company Formation/Law, Licensing, Debt Collection

    We help businesses so they can thrive and grow. We provide guidance on company formation, partnership agreements and sole trader advice. We also advise on employment law and legal obligations, commercial buildings, licensing, debt collection and more.

    Kelly Colfer Solicitors - Legal Advice

    Renewable Energy

    Solar, Wind farm or Energy Projects​

    Governmental initiatives toward renewable energy supply raises a number of legal and commercial issues. For the farmer or landowner who is leasing land for a renewable energy project, we provide a comprehensive service around property law, land access and tenure, commercial agreements, liability and licensing.

    Kelly Colfer Solicitors - Legal Advice; Wills

    Wills & Estate Planning

    Preparation and Execution

    We help you plan for the future and explain the benefits of a will. We work with you so that your wishes are safeguarded and your assets are distributed. We assist with preparation and carefully guide you through this process so that your estate is done in an efficient manner. We'll ensure that you have peace of mind.


    Top Tip Guide on Making A Will

    Power of Attorney


    Kelly Colfer Solicitors - Legal Advice; personal injury

    Personal Injury

    Accidents and Assaults​

    Our personal injury team will bring claims for compensation on your behalf if you've been injured through the actions or omissions of others. We represent clients across a broad range of accidents: road traffic, work, occupiers liability, products liability. We will advise on alternative dispute resolution mechanisms including arbitration, mediation, and conciliation.


    In Personal Injuries or Contentious business, a Solicitor is prohibited from percentage charging.


    Essential Information Guide to Personal Injury Claims

    Kelly Colfer Solicitors - Legal Advice

    Legal Disputes

    Contract Law, Insurance Claims, Rights of Way​

    We provide representation and advice in all areas of legal disputes including: Contract Law, Insurance Claims, Defective Products, Rights of Way, Boundary Disputes, Banking Disputes, Squatters Title, Trespass, and Arbitration. We work with you to assess your situation and to provide you with legal advice and your options.

    Kelly Colfer Solicitors - Legal Advice

    Other Services

    Affidavits, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Elder Law, Fair Deal Scheme​

    We provide a number of other services to clients including Affidavits, Declarations, and Enduring Powers of Attorney. We provide legal advice and guidance on Elder Law including the Fair Deal Scheme to help clients pay for private nursing homes, assisted decision making and wardship applications.

  • Kelly Colfer Solicitors - Legal Advice; Declan Joyce

    Declan Joyce

    Principal Solicitor

    Declan Joyce is the owner of Kelly Colfer Son & Poyntz Solicitors. He's been a qualified Solicitor since 1988 and has worked with Edward W. Hughes, former State Solicitor for Co. Kilkenny in Graiguenamanagh, and Kieran W. Cleary and Associates in Clonmel, Co Tipperary. Declan moved to New Ross in 1990 and took over Kelly Colfer Son & Poyntz Solicitors in 1992. He has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from University College Cork, a Diploma in Legal Studies from Waterford Institute of Technology, and a Diploma in Property for Solicitors from the Law Society of Ireland.


    Declan is a member of Wexford Bar Association, Wexford Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Breakfast Group, Dublin Solicitor’s Bar Association, and New Ross Rugby Club. He is married with two children and five grandchildren.

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    As business people we need to face this problems NOW. Preserving cash-flow is VITAL. Below are...
    Revenue has announced measures to assist SMEs experiencing cashflow difficulties arising from...
    Do you own land that you rent / lease out? Do you rent or lease land? There are many things to...
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    In Personal Injuries or Contentious business, a Solicitor is prohibited from percentage charging


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    Kelly Colfer Solicitors - Legal Advice


    Kelly Colfer Solicitors - Legal Advice


    Kelly Colfer Solicitors - Legal Advice


    Kelly Colfer Solicitors - Legal Advice


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    Our offices are in Delare House on South Street, New Ross, Co. Wexford Y34 PK37 at the junction of South Street, Robert Street & Little Michael Street, New Ross and just opposite St. Michael's theater. Free on-site parking is available during your meeting.

    You can contact us by phone on 051 421212 during office hours, or via our Inquiry Form

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    Kelly Colfer Son & Poyntz is a gold standard Q6000 law firm.

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    Law Society of Ireland

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