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Caution around Legionnaires Disease for those Businesses returning to work on 8th June & Wexford LEO Support

For any business looking to return on 8th June, please take note and bear in mind Section 7E* of the Return to Work Safely Protocol (p21) around Legionnaires Disease.

Big shout out to Wexford LEO office for their 3 Business Support Vouchers that are available at the moment: click here

  1. Return to Work Vouchers
  2. Business on-line Vouchers
  3. High End E-commerce Trading Vouchers

For any Business Legal Advice, please get in touch with our office on 051 421212 or by email on

*7E. L E G I O N E L L A For some places of work such as hotels, leisure facilities, offices, dental clinics and hairdressers, the employer needs to put in place control measures to avoid the potential for Legionnaires’ disease before they reopen. Further advice on the prevention of Legionnaires’ disease after the COVID-19 Pandemic is available here

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