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Question: What is a cohabiting couple?

Answer: If you are living with your partner, and are not married or in a Civil Partnership, you may be considered a cohabiting couple.

Question: What rights does a cohabitant have?

Answer: None.

If your relationship with your partner breaks down or your partner dies, you may be able to apply to Court for Financial Support.

Question: How do I qualify as a cohabitant?

Answer: Only a Court can decide if you qualify as a cohabitant.

Question: What does a Court look at to see if I qualify as a Cohabitant?


The length of your relationship.

How financially dependent you were on each other.

Whether or not you have children.

Whether you are considered a couple by others.

You must prove to the court that you lived with your partner in an “intimate and committed” relationship for a number of years.

Question: How many years?

Answer: Five years or Two years if you have children with your partner.


Talk to us (Kelly Colfer Solicitors) as soon as possible after your relationship ends as:

The law in this area is Complex.

The time limits are short.

The time limits are strict.

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